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StuccoTek Wall Panels do not require maintenance.

If cleaning is desired, the use of a pressure sprayer is suggested.

If a change in panel color is needed, this can be done easily by using a high quality acrylic paint applied to the stucco surface.


     Surface Cleaning Procedures

 In the event that dirt, mud or other contamination occurs on panels surface, follow steps outlined below.


1)     A standard garden hose with pressure nozzle is usually sufficient to remove most jobsite contamination.


2)      If a pressure sprayer is readily available, caution should be exercised with its use.  Pressure sprayers capable of over 2000 psi should not be held closer than 3’ away from the    panels surface and for sustained periods of more than 30 seconds in any particular area.


3)   Stains that occur as a result of soil with high iron content can be particularly difficult to remove.  It is not uncommon to have “splash-up” onto the lower wall as a result of eave conditions and uncompleted landscaping.  If contamination is allowed to remain on panel surfaces for a prolonged period (several days) a stain may occur.  It is recommended that removal of dirt be a part of daily clean-up which will help ensure permanent staining does not occur.


If the methods above do not result in removal of contamination, contact your customer service representative.

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