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Install in accordance with information provided by Stucco Technologies, Inc. and authorized representatives. Installation Guides are provided with each order.

  • StuccoTek can be cut and riveted on the job site, utilizing conventional hand and power tools.
  • StuccoTek wall systems are easily applied over substrates having variegated surfaces.

This feature makes StuccoTek systems a perfect choice for renovation as well as new construction


Basic Tools Required for Installation

  1. Cotton gloves or clean work gloves

  2. Circular Saw

  3. Metal cutting hand shears

  4. Hand flanger (4")

  5. Carpenter's square

  6. Rivet gun

  7. Drill

  8. Level (4' or 6')

  9. Laser level (base trim installation)

  10. Tape measure

  11. Caulk gun

  12. Screw gun

  13. Electric metal cutting shears

  14. Special metal cutting blade (1 supplied with standard order)



Start on the left side and work your way to the right.

Installation Media Clip - Left to Right Erection

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